Friday, 30 January 2009

Stay Cosy and Look Cool This Winter

When you're out and about this winter it's really important to keep warm - whilst looking indisputably glamorous at the same time of course. Knitwear can be a bit grandma so your best bet is to follow in the footsteps of Miss Bradshaw and pack your wardrobe with a range of fitted coats and jackets that will see you through the Antarctic temperatures of January and also through all those clement afternoons come Spring.

This gorgeous turquoise number from ebay seller streetboutiqueuk would be an excellent start to your collection. It is so 'An American Girl in Paris' and is guaranteed to keep you looking cool whilst staying cosy for many winters to come. At just £40.00 how can you resist?

Alternatively you could brighten up those grey February days with this bold but beautiful scarlet twill coat. Not only does it ouze sexuality (we can imagine Samantha strutting down the street in this) but it will go with almost any accessory you have in your wardrobe. You can find it on sale at Debenhams and it is also priced at £40.00.

When it comes to accessories for your outer wear don't be afraid to clash. Thanks to the new film 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' starring Isla Fisher the more you clash the better you look...which is good news when you're short on time and are having difficulty co-ordinating your outfit! This tangerine scarf from Scarf World would really give your classic turquoise coat a contemporary edge. This fabulous pashmina is available for just £5.99 and did we mention that tangerine just happens to be Spring's hot new colour? Colours like this come and go so you do not want to fill your entire wardrobe with them but having a few key items will keep you at the cutting edge of style and put you in good stead for next time the colour comes into vogue!

When it comes to accessories for the red coat, go for purple it's your best bet for clashing without looking too over the top. These gorgeous custom made arm warmers from etsy seller deliriumkredens will only set you back $20.00 and nobody else will have a pair like them! It's true that purple and red are not a traditional match but that will make your look all the more quirky and let's face it, convention isn't really that fun anyway, particularly when it comes to clothes.


Lucy Alice Dresses said...

I love the outfits and they look perfect for winter.