Monday, 27 July 2009

The Fashion Feed: Coco Before Chanel Special

With the release of Coco Before Chanel at cinemas nationwide celebs are going crazy for the fabulously understated look that Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel championed so much in her designs. Of course not all of us are on a Girls Aloud pay packet so I've hunted down some cheaper versions of the real thing so you can celebrate the release of Coco Before Chanel in style! My first cheaper than cheap top pick has to be this lovely black quilted chain bag from Asda. It only costs £5 and will add a touch of Chanel class to any outfit. I think this bag would work particularly well as an evening bag as it would give a nice edge to your LBD.

Following in the quilted footsteps of the Asda handbag are these gorgeous pink contrast detail court shoes from Asos. Originally these little beauties would have set you back £74.00 but now you can pick them up for £33.00 and look as cute as Coco herself.

Without a doubt however my favourite Chanel-esque budget buy has to be this gorgeous black bowler hat which literally screams chic. Perfect for the coming autumn/winter season this hat will go beautifully with black dresses and suits to boot. It will only cost you £22.00 from Topshop so there's absolutely no excuse for being yellow-bellied about this rather bold fashion move.

Monday, 13 July 2009

The Fashion Feed: What You Will Be Wearing This Autumn

I know it's almost sacrilage to think about a time when the sun might not be shining as we're all just slipping into our summer maxi dresses but the weather has taken a turn for the worst in England and consequently it got me wondering what is going to be hot once the leaves start browning in Autumn 09. The biggest trend I've read about so far in the Autumn lines is the army cadette look which means it's time to get your Khaki on. Like most trends, it's nothing we haven't seen before on the catwalks and the highstreets and yet it's almost impossible to resist buying new garments and accessories to revamp for the coming season.

A well-made military jacket is the cornerstone of cadette couture and I have totally fallen in love with this utility blue affair from French Connection. It is currently reduced to £92.00 which admittedly, still isn't that cheap but the military trend pops up so frequently that it is worth investing in a garment that is going to last you year for year.

If you'd like to focus on the flirty and feminine aspects of cadetteship then you can't go wrong with this fabulously forward-looking silk khaki dress from Firetrap. This dress is a little bit cheaper than the jacket at £79.00 and is the kind of piece that will seamlessly make the summer to autumn transition with a pair of black tights. You can currently pick this little baby up on Asos alongside some other fabulous khaki coloured garments.

Those of you who are panicking about the fact that all this is just too pricey for your purse, don't worry. I wouldn't write a blog without at least one item that can be bought on a shoe-string and this week, it's this gorgeous vintage medic bag which, in my humble fashion opinion, is uber-cute. It costs a paltry $19.99 from 1st Army and will definitely see you through every time the military theme pops up on the catwalk.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The Golden Girls: Summer Styles With Added Shine

When it came to fabulous fashion picks I always felt that Miranda got a raw deal on Sex and the City. It's not really anyone's fault, the nature of her character was very business like until she became a mum when the fashion relaxed a little bit. Imagine my delight then, when I went to the cinema and saw Miranda strutting down the streets of Manhattan top-to-toe in gold. It was a stroke of style genius by Pat fields as it highlighed Miranda's trademark red hair and pale skin beautifully. Bagging Miranda's big screen look this summer will keep you bang on trend as the industry seems to have forgotten the chav connection and given gold a welcome resurrection.

These golden gladiator affairs from Kurt Geiger are my top style pick for this summer. Granted they are £110.00 but I'm thinking cost per wear. These beauties will look fabulous teamed with your bikini and sarong/kaftan by the poolside but will also look equally as fabulous with your little black dress come Christmas. In short, they are a timeless shoe, nothing is ever going to stop them looking good making them a must-have for all avid shoe collectors. Of course if you're sticking to a budget and you're just wanting a summer shoe to see you through the hot months Miss Selfridge are doing a lovely flat gladiator pair for just £25.00 (shown above). They won't be as versatile but you will be able to bring them back out of your closet for summers to come.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw this gorgeous metallic leotard from Wet Seal. It only costs $26.50 and looks as though it's come straight out of Gagas closet. The most likely place you're going to wear this is a club or girls night out and teaming it with a fitted black skirt and massive black accessories would mute it down just enough to be chic rather than freak. Of course, the more daring of you might be able to make this into some kind of beach combo wearing it bathing suit style and teaming it with a sarong/kaftan. Either way it will definitely turn heads for all the right reasons.

Accenting your golden girl look with some jewellery is the perfect way of completing your outfit. Chunky is the word du jour for summer 2009 so if you're going for gold, make it thick chainmail, celtic, or knotted designs for serious wow factor. My favourite pick is this knotted necklace which costs a paltry £8.00 from Peacocks. Come christmas you can team it with a purple dress for a fantastically festive edge.

Monday, 29 June 2009

The Fashion Feed: Confessions of a Shopaholic Style Special

As Carrie Bradshaw is taking a short break from our screens Becky Bloomwood gave fashion fans a welcome reminder of just how good flashing the plastic can feel earlier this year in the film 'Confessions of a Shopaholic.' To celebrate the release of the film on DVD I've uploaded some scans from Oli magazine that offer a how-to on recreating 'Confessions couture' (using Oli products of course!). Oli have been mentioned in this blog several times and I love the fact that as well as offering me fabulous high street buys they also offer some fashion savvy editorial on all the important things going on in the fashion world. Simply click on the images to enlarge and read the editorial. Enjoy!

Monday, 15 June 2009

The Fashion Feed: Ginnifer Goodwin's Dip Dye Style Steal

To celebrate the release of He's Just Not That Into You on DVD this week's Fashion Feed is devoted to one of my favourite rising stars and style muses, Ginnifer Goodwin. If you have a spare evening I can recommend a Ginnie double bill of Mona Lisa Smile and He's Just Not That Into You, both of which go down a treat with a bottle of wine.

Ginnie has recently been spotted in Mathew Wiliamson's dip dye dress and she pulls it off with beautiful finesse. If you didn't manage to get your hands on one of these little beauties from H & M before all the A-listers snapped them up do not fear! I've hunted down some cheap but chic alternatives that will allow you to emulate Ginnifer's laid back California look with the same class and sass as she does.

From Top to Bottom: The perfect day-to-night summer halter from House of Fraser, £36.00. Tie die dress by TopShop, crocheted for comfort, £32.00. Quirky dip dye skirt by Debenhams with snake skin effect, £25.00.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The Shoe Fix: Get The (Electric) Blues

Blue is the colour at the moment, particularly in vivid electric hues making these shoes a wardrobe essential for any savvy fashionista. Their thick cut-away detail allows you to flash your feet flesh and the slim stiletto heel has fabulous sex appeal. This is the kind of shoe with a high cost-per-wear value as they will retro-up jeans, skirts, shorts and trousers quicker than Sony can release yet another 'Best of the 80s' compilation CD! They are now down to just £31.00 from ASOS so it's a buy now or regret it later kind of a deal!

Monday, 8 June 2009

The Fashion Feed: My So-Called Closet

Anyone who watched the fabulous 'My So-Called Life' the first time in the early nineties will be over the moon to know that the 'Angela Chase' look is back in a big way this season and I'm already salivating over some of the gorgeous checkered styles I couldn't wear the first time around because I was too much of a chubby teen!

My favourite checkered item available online at the moment is this gorgeous checkered shirt dress by Fred Perry. It just looks like an over-sized shirt borrowed from the gorgeous Jordan Catalano belted around the middle. You can pick it up at ASOS for £79.25 and is one of those pieces you'll be comfortable wearing time and time again.

If you want to go a bit more flirty and feminine you can't go wrong with this oh-so Angela purple check dress from Dorothy Perkins. It only costs £35.00 and is great for recreating a summery school girl look. It's something you could easily pair with leggings, use as a pinafore dress or wear over a pair of jeans making it muchos versatile.

If you're going to go for a straightforward check shirt make sure it's a really good cut so you can wear it from years to come. I love this one by Wrangler which is currently on sale at Oli for £45.00. For the borrowed-from-my-boyfriend look buy it three sizes too big and wear it baggy or tie it around the middle for shape when you want it.

For full on so-called closet chic you need to finish your look with a pair of Doc Martens, a messenger style school bag and some kind of accessory with the peace sign on it (which Angela would have borrowed from Rayanne Graff more than likely!). When it gets cold cover your shoulders with a faded denim jacket for that left-over-80s look the characters seemed to love so much and you'll look like you've just stepped out of the show!

BONUS ACCESSORY: There was an episode where Angela dressed up for Halloween in some kooky 1950s glasses. If you're into freaky chic they'll be just up your alley and are available at low, low prices from most costume shops!