Friday, 6 March 2009

Fashion Safari in the Urban Jungle

Urban Safari

Only Carrie Bradshaw could bring the safari look back in such a big way! Her gorgeous Safari style vest from Sex and the City The Movie has got designers thinking about how they can equip women for the style challenges of the urban jungle. The great thing about the safari look is that it is subtle and smart and can be adapted for a hike in the hills or for an evening trek to your local cocktail bar.

The must-have item is the safari jacket. Perfect for teaming with skirts, jeans and combat trousers it is destined to be a Spring staple for any fashionista's wardrobe. The most affordable version we've found is this belt and button sleeveless number in neutral. Made by South, it is currently on sale from Marshall Ward for £35.00. Because of it's nude shading it will match beautifully with almost anything in your wardrobe. Safari comes in and out of fashion so it's worth investing in a classic spring/summer item like this that you will use for years to come.

If you don't think the full on safari look is for you nothing says subtlety more than a statement bag. We love this Elliot Luca Canvas Tote with Tan Detail. It retails at around $280.00 but you can go all Saint Louise and rent it at Bag Borrow or Steal for just $15.00 per week. There are plenty of nice replicas around but sometimes it's just nice to have the real thing...even if you don't get to keep it forever.

Of course traditional safari style can look a little bit washed out if you're not careful. When Carrie worked it she teamed it with a token red vest to bring a bit of vibrancy to her outfit. You can create a similar effect by experimenting with bright reds, yellows and different types of animal print. This thick mustard belt by Vando for example would work fabulously as a colourful alternative over your safari vest and will only cost you a trifling £7.99 from Only Shop! So why not take a walk on the wild side this Spring? It won't cost you the earth and it might even add a sense of adventure to those single nights out in the city.