Monday, 16 March 2009

The Fashion Feed: Sports Chic on the Cheap!

Sports Chic

Designers are taking inspiration from chav-style garments at the minute with sports stripes and neon vests swiftly becoming major fashion themes. A walk down the high street however is a far cry from a walk round your local council estate as perfecting this look requires two things Vicky Pollard never had: subtlety and style.

Going Nude. The key to this look is to keep it looking neutral and add just the token neon item to liven things up. Start with this gorgeous cream skirt suit from Peacocks. The skirt and the jacket will set you back just £36.00 for the pair and will create a fabulous base for your Sports Chic look. Their subtle colouring and classic shape makes them stand alone wardrobe basics too so you're guaranteed to get frequent use out of them.

Queens of Neon. Accessorise your suit with this gorgeous neon detail bag from Asos. It costs just £17.75 and epitomises the sports chic style with a muted tan base coupled with vibrant flashes of neon. You can pick up a matching belt from New Look for just £5.00 to add the finishing touch to your sports chic outfit.

1990s Remix. It is perfectly acceptable to mix neon colours, if you're feeling daring add in a yellow stripe or even lime green if you're particularly feeling the 1990s retro look. We particularly like this flourescent vest from American Apparel. At just £15.00 it is the perfect bargain buy for creating your own alternative sports chic ensemble. Customising this trend to your own taste will single you out from the hoards of other fashion followers and will allow you to easily mix and match any new purchases with your existing wardrobe so don't forget to keep it plucky and personal.