Friday, 27 March 2009

Put A Bit of Flirt In Your Skirt

Moody Blue
Moody Blue - by BradshawsCloset on

Carrie and the girls seemed to have an endless supply of floaty, flirty skirts and since we're in the business of emulating Sex and the City style to the letter, it seems only fitting that we follow suit. The secret to the flirty skirt is to opt for materials and designs that accentuate your curves, helping you to really bring out your feminine side.

As far as frills go, you really can't go wrong with one of these fairytale style pettiskirts from Sterling and Pearls . Made from 100% chiffon these little beauties are guaranteed to have you twirling round the bedroom like a Balerina in no time. Our favourite is this Tiffany blue and black number but they come in a range of colours and contrasts so you can find the perfect shade to suit you. At just $67.00 it's perfect for those of you who want to recreate that American Girl in Paris look without having to fork out for the 1000 Layer Versace Sea Foam Gown.

Slightly more on the subtle side is this prim and proper black rose skirt from Peacocks. The calf-length finish makes it super classy and it comes complete with a tie belt. We reckon this skirt will make the perfect throw-on for summer days in the city, especially if you team it with a pair of on-trend heels to update the look. The skirt costs a paltry £10.00 so it really is a buy it now or regret it later purchase.

When it comes to the feminine mystique bows are big business too and we couldn't help but get over-excited when we saw this mono Bella Bow Skirt in the sale at Coast. Reduced from £95.00 to just £45.00 it is a true on-trend bargain that will see you through this season and beyond. The skirt finishes just below the knee and boasts gorgeous black belt and bow hemming for contrast allowing you to double-up on your fashion brownie points. Suitable for all occasions it's one of those garments that you're just never going to want to take off!


Fashion Personality said...

i love these skirts. they look great with the one shoulder top. so feminine.

Dream Sequins said...

OMG I'm loving that blue and black frothy skirt. I might have to buy it now :) Bring on the froth, I say!

Emo Girls said...

I am totally loving the red roses skirt!