Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Satchels Can Be Sexy

Forget the retro school girl stigma satchels have become chic, sleek and sexy this season. This gorgeous, red, faux leather effort will set you back a mere £5.99 from Bargain Handbags Galore.
It boasts three compartments and an inside zip pocket enabling you to jam-pack it with all your favourite make-up and accessories. The strap is long enough to fit perfectly on your shoulder even with a bulky winter coat on and because it's a deep red it won't feel too garish alongside your other seasonal favourites.

If you do want to opt for a slightly more low-key or intellectual look then go for this designer-esque navy/tan satchel. Bargain Handbags Galore are selling this little beauty for a paltry £3.99. It has more pockets and zips than you can shake a stick at and comes complete with a 'Claro Paris' stamp on the clasp giving a subtle nod to the fashion capital of the world. I use this bag for more formal engagements but you could also easily use it to class up a more street wise outfit. It is of course the unlimited flexibility of handbags that makes us love them so, and thanks to bargain ebay stores we can all rest assured that we won't have to miss out on the top looks for autumn/winter 2008.