Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Flower Power: Not Just for Hippys

Floral designs must always be handled with care. If you're not careful you can end up looking either like someone who got lost on their way to Woodstock or like a 1950s house wife. Carrie has always been a big fan of flower power as she sported a range of stunning over-sized corsages throughout the series and The Sex and the City movie has reignited the nation's love affair with flowers as Carrie was seen sporting a beautiful, deep green, oriental style dress in the opening sequence.

The key note with floral designs is to be bold with the pattern but to keep the lines sexy. If you're going for a dress make sure it emphasises your silhouette by pulling you in at the middle and accentuating your curves at both the top and the bottom. If you're going for a skirt make sure that it's either just below the knee or to the floor - nothing says stay-at-home mum like a skirt that's wafting around your calves. Unless you have Sarah Jessica Parker's I-can-make-anything-look-fabulous body don't wear floral trousers. Keep it feminine and keep all your accessories plain so as not to clash with the main focus of your outfit which should be the flowers.

If you're opting for a corsage the good news is that Dorothy Perkins are stocking them this season in a range of styles and designs. Some original and quirkier designs can also be found on ebay. I picked up this gorgeous one-off piece from boutique apparel. When it comes to corsages it's a case of the bigger, the better but you might want to opt for colours such as red, black and white so you can mix and match them with more outfits. It can be the perfect accessory for an evening gown or even sprouse up a jeans and shirt combo. However you choose to exude flower power do it with pride!