Monday, 27 October 2008

I put a bird on my head...

Some say Carrie's bridal bird-in-the-hair moment was a fashion faux pas but I think it summarises true Sex and the City style. It was bold, beautiful and, as with all of Carrie's best looks, a little bit unexpected! Admittedly it's not the kind of look you can really pull off on the high street, but it is possible to successfully emulate the idea with some subtle feathered hair pieces and still look right at home in Leeds city centre...this is assuming that you're also willing to ditch the Vivienne Westwood weddding gown, it's a bit OTT for a trip to Dorothy Perkins.

It's really important with a look like this that your head piece is as unusual as possible. The last thing you want with such a unique fashion move is to walk down the street and spot other people wearing exactly the same thing. You can get individual hand-made pieces for low prices at Etsy. My favourite shops on this site for recreating the bridal bird look are Designs by Portobello who make this stunning peacock feather hair band (above) for $38.00 and Chuletin Designs who currently stock this fabulous feathered comb (below) for a mere $12.00.

You don't have to be going to your best mates wedding to dress your hair up. Although admittedly these accessories would be out of place in a grungy club if teamed with the right outfit these beautiful feathered fancies could be worn to a sunday lunch, a Friday night on the town, a family dinner or a walk in the park. You could go boho trendy with your look or up-market chic, either way wearing feathers in your hair is a bold move so you're likely to be the only one doing it. And let's face it, in a land overrun with Kate-Moss-a-like drones who spend their lives trying to copy-cat TopShop mannequins, there's no better feeling than staying at the edge of style and standing out in the crowd.