Friday, 17 October 2008

Patent Leather: Cheap and Tacky or Chic and Classy?

Patent leather has come back to reinvade the high street like never before but is this necessarily a good thing? I have to admit that my gut reaction Patent leather can often look really cheap (even if you've paid a lot for the item in question) and the last thing you want is to look tacky. Patent leather however does have a certain retro charm and if you use it correctly it can be perfect for giving an otherwise simple outfit a bit of an edge.

I picked up these red patent leather sandals at my favourite discount store: Peacocks. They cost £15.00 and are going to work a treat with wardrobe staples such as jeans or a little black dress. The likes of Fendi, Chanel and Dior have all included patent leather bags in their new collections but since we're not all on a millionaire's budget you will be pleased to know you can pick up patent leather bags at slightly more modest prices at DestinationFashion.Com where prices start at £14.99.

Patent leather is a great material for anyone wanting to emulate Samantha-esque chic but whatever you do never wear more than one item at a time. You just end up looking like you've been shrink wrapped before coming out and people will assume that you simply can't afford to buy real leather and are settling for a cheaper looking alternative. Even if that's true, they don't need to know that so keep it minimal and you'll look both with-it and worth it.


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