Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Block Party!

Block colours are here, there and everywhere thanks to Carrie's little stint in Mexico in the Sex and the City Movie. Although undoubtedly more boho and beach than city sleek with the right accessories the block colour dress can become a very servicable outfit to suit a myriad of occasions. In this photo Carrie is upping the beach look with the sling back sandles and the giant beads. To get a more friday-night-look where your block colour dress over jeans or black leggings with heels, belt and clutch to match. To turn it into day wear simply wear a vest, short or long sleeved top underneath with a long bead necklace. Versatility is the key.

In terms of cheap buys, or at least cheaper than Carrie can afford, New Look are doing a lovely block colour dress fusing black, purple and yellow. A little over the £30 mark but well worth the investment as with a lot of the Sex and the City fashion moves this dress will look great regardless of how trends move on. Of course there is also the ebay option. Typing in block colour dress into the search bar and your dress size will bring up a range of colourful spring delights. We like this one from ebay retailer nalinfinity. The colours are fun and flirty and the five blocks make it a stand out dress that will turn heads wherever you go.

There are literally hundreds of women out there dressing up like silhouettes because they're told that black is slimming but do you really want to pale into the shadows with everyone else? Bold dress statements show you exude confidence and are comfortable with choosing extraordinary outfits. What would you rather say to passers-by? Diet-Coke head or fun, friendly and fabulous?