Friday, 19 December 2008

Je T'Adorn

,The much-covetted Eiffel Tower bag from the Sex and the City movie gave fans a little reminder of Big and Carrie's adventure in Paris at the end of the series. The real deal by Timmy Woods is going to set you back around $500 or if you want the Swarovski Crystal covered version around $3000. Thankfully once again we've been able to hunt down some Paris inspired alternatives.

If you're intent on a bag purchase then TopShop have just brought out an Eiffel Tower clutch bag for a credit crunching £20. We know, we know it's not covered crystals or even fake diamante versions that you could pass off as crystals but it still says continental chic and won't cost you your life're saving that for your Vivienne Westwood wedding dress, remember?

There are also some beautiful Paris inspired necklaces to be had that can be used as a tip of the hat to the continental theme. This handmade version from Etsy seller adorn you will have you dressing up in berets and strings of garlic before you can say Aleksander Petrovsky. It will only set you back $18.50 and from here on in the city of lights will always be within reach.