Monday, 29 December 2008

Peachy Keen, Jellybean!

Things may not always be peachy when it comes to love but at least you can cheer yourself up a bit by flaunting this feminine but oh so sophisticated muted shade. It's perfect for the more formal affairs such as weddings (for those of you at that horrible age where all your friends are already marrying off), first date dinners (for those of you still trying to get a leg up on the dating ladder) and of course those all important business schmoozing parties where looking chic and sleek simply comes with the territory.

This gorgeous dress from Etsy seller ouma is very reminiscent of the dress flaunted by Carrie in the opening credits of the show. It is a little bit more expensive than the average high street dress at $250 but it has every right to be as it is one of a kind and beautifully hand made. Nobody else will have anything like it in their wardrobe making it an absolute bargain, when you think about it. On top of the quality and originality of the piece, let's face it, you're never going to want to take this off so the cost-per-wear is going to be low, low, low!

Those of you who find peach a bit too much on the subtle side can simply accessorise with it to give your existing wardrobe a touch of class as needed. High street buys that wont cost you the earth include this luscious mock croc bag from New Look. Not only is mock crock the must have material for the spring season, but it also comes in clutch format offering the ultimate in bag versatility. The even better news is that it will only set you back £10.00 meaning you can feel peachy any day of the week.


Jenny said...

I want that layered dress! I'm going to have to start working over time :o)