Monday, 26 January 2009

The Diva is in the Detail

A wise man once said that the devil is in the detail. Then an even wiser woman bought a lace detail vintage handkerchief and pinned it to her belt to prove otherwise. When it comes to fashion statements it is the diva not the devil that is in the detail and lace is the perfect trimming to class up any high street outfit.

You'll be pleased to know that lace is in high supply on the high street and from online outlets. Miss Selfridge are selling a killer pair of black lace tights for just £8.00 suggesting that 80s style never went out of vogue.

If you want to go a bit more girly with your look check out this beautiful lace handbag courtesy of ebay seller Tailors Boutique. The bag is only £7.99 and has a beautiful gold chain strap mixing the classical and the contemporary for a truly unique look.

There are also plenty of ultra feminine lace detail skirts floating about on Etsy. We love this one by online seller priscilladawn. Not only do the blue and the white contrast beautifully but it comes complete with an ultra flirty bow which is a key look for this season. The even better news is that it is hand-made, one of a kind and only costs $32.00.

To recreate the original Carrie Bradshaw look pay a visit to Manu Factum who are currently selling lace embroidered handkerchiefs for just under £7. As you can see you don't have to earn the same as Beyonce to emulate diva-esque attention to detail, just remember that the handkerchiefs are only for show so no sniffling or crying into them, especially over men!