Saturday, 24 January 2009

Shopping for Labels or Shopping for Love?

It's true that most women spend their life in search of the two Ls - Labels and Love. Thankfully you no longer have to choose between the two thanks to the latest heart-shaped high street trend. Love hearts are making their way into patterns and are sculpting stunning new handbags and sun shades alike just in time to cheer you up on Valentines Day.

These oh-so retro multi-coloured shades from TopShop will really get your heart pumping especially when you find out that they're just £15.00. Why not match it with their black over the shoulder quilted bag for the full on loved-up effect? It will set you back another £25.00 but isn't it worth it to get the look of love without the hassle of a boyfriend?

The contribution from Asos is this beautiful heart print purse which is currently selling at £14.75 thanks to the lovely VAT discount (thank you Alistair Darling).

The good news is, you don't have to stop at accessories. New Look have printed this adorable tee to show people just how big your heart can be and how much love you've got to give. You can pick it up for a trifling £10.00 so if you haven't got a date this Valentines Day and it feels as though the annual love-in is on steroids why not make a date with your favourite high street labels instead of a date with your pyjamas and your favourite binge food? As Fergie sings: buy a bag and get over it! Does it get more profound than that?


Jenny said...

Primark are also doing a heart print play dress for about £10.00 at the minute. It's grey with black hearts on it and v.cute. Thanks for the post!

Sophie said...

I'm definitely buying those sun shades, I'm going to Miami in May and they'll look fab on the beach!