Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The Monthly Must-Have: Star Buy For Spring

The hottest colour on the high street at the moment is coral and consequently a lot of stores are charging over the odds for any product they stock in that colour. Imagine our delight then, when we discovered this gorgeous block colour dress from Goddiva.

As mentioned in our previous post 'Block Party!' block colour fashion items are massive thanks to Carrie's post-jilt-honeymoon to Mexico in The Sex and the City Movie. In short, with this dress you're getting two key Spring looks in one outfit and like any star buy it is a versatile piece which can be smartened up for the office or dressed down for the pub. You could even pair it with some sparkly jewellery and wear it on a date for a more sophisticated look.

The best news about this little number however is that it is only £29.99 making a mockery of the big stores who still believe consumers are willing to pay over the hundred pound mark just to stay on trend. When will these people learn that we want to look like SJP, but we're not exactly on her budget? Snap your block colour dress up now and start enjoying the unignorable looks of envy from every woman you pass!