Friday, 6 February 2009

What's in a Name?

Carrie's cute nameplate necklace started a massive trend as fans of the show across the globe dashed out to get their name written up in gold plated glory. For those of you a bit hazy on the details the necklace even became a bit of a plot point during the show finale when a devasted Carrie thought she'd lost her cheap but cheerful chain right about the same time that she was feeling like she'd lost herself. Interestingly once she followed her heart she found herself and her necklace again, proving there's more to jewellery than just a bit of sparkle.

If you still haven't got yours yet Punky Pins make a beautiful range of gold and silver mirror effect necklaces covering every name you can think of. You can literally order any name you want at the check out and the necklaces only cost £20.00 meaning nobody has to be without this iconic piece of Sex and the City bling.

Of course style has moved on a little bit since the days of Sex and the City and the good news is that Paris Hilton's gal pal Nicole Ritchie has single handedly moved the name necklace trend forward by sporting a set of silver chains featuring some sparkly initial charms.

We love these large pendant affairs from Diamante Divas. The pendants vary in price but all letters are around the £5.00 mark meaning you can stay on trend and on budget. So why not show people who you really are by shimmering, sparkling and shining all day long, just like Carrie did!