Friday, 27 February 2009

Retro Looks That Never Die

Retro Looks That Never Die
Retro Looks That Never Die - by BradshawsCloset on

Carrie and the girls were massive fans of the retro look and for good reason - it never goes out of style! At the moment the high street is going mad for all things 80s and we've got some top picks lined up for you at good old-fashioned low prices to help you stay on trend.

In our post What's in a Name? we talked about how Carrie's nameplate necklace had become a must-have Sex and the City item. If you want to do this look with a retro twist however pay a visit to The Lunacy Boutique where you can pick up one of these fabulous multi-coloured fridge magnet name necklaces! You can order any name you want and it will only set you back £18.00 - a pittance to pay to stay on trend!

If you're looking for a selection of 80s inspired T Shirts you can't go wrong with a visit to 80s purple. Our favourite is this grey retro print which would look fabulous over jeans, a bleached denim skirt or a pair of electric blue leggings. It's the touch of animal print that really wins us over and at just $32 it's an utterly guilt free purchase.

Last but by no means least we come to shoes. Retro look shoes are coming in all sorts of shades and styles at the moment and although it's tempting to get out your walkman, buy yourself a Wham bar and jump on the 80s bandwagon you should bear in mind that the key to a timelessly fashionable wardrobe is the investment in classic pieces. If you have a wacky personality and want the shoes to match that's fine, but if you're a bit more conservative and rarely have an opportunity to wear wacky shoes we'd recommend these beautiful block colour numbers from one of our favourite online shops They're a snip at £25.00 and will still look fabulous when the weirder brands of shoes have fallen out of fashion.