Monday, 27 April 2009

The Fashion Feed: Go Graeco!

Grecian style is a favourite of every goddess to grace the red carpet and this week we're looking at how to recreate the Hollywood Graeco look on a budget.

For full on glamour at a ball, opening or opera night opt for a one shoulder dress with flattering, flowing lines. I love this New York Fashion Week inspired red maxi dress by Goddiva. Its hour glass shape is designed to flatter curves and at just £34.99 it is a total style steal.

This hip hellenistic ring is also on my Grecian wish list as it's such a versatile accessory. It would look fabulous with the Goddiva dress or as a Graeco-inspired addition to a vintage look. The ring is currently available at ModCloth for $11.99 making it the perfect fashion find for fashionistas on a budget.

When it comes to shoes you really can't go wrong with these Gladiator-esque sandals. It wasn't so long ago that they were featured as our Monthly Shoe-Fix and they haven't lost any of their shine 6 weeks later. They cost just £34.50 from asos so get them whilst you still can!


Carlotta said...

perfect outfit!!one shoulder dresses are so hot next summer..the ring is very pretty I want one!

Fashion Personality said...

Omg! One shoulder is 'in' and red is 'hot' match perfectly with the shoes and hip hellenistic ring which is very pretty. Beautiful and chic.

Dream Sequins said...

For a moment, I thought I saw Joan Collins up on your collage. I agree with Carlotta-- the cameo ring is hot!

Paul Pincus said...

i love this blog.

great post, btw!

Abby said...

It seems that over here all the actresses wore one shoulder dresses to the awards shows... I like that dress! It would look so good in brown!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

You always manage to find such interesting shoes!