Monday, 8 June 2009

The Fashion Feed: My So-Called Closet

Anyone who watched the fabulous 'My So-Called Life' the first time in the early nineties will be over the moon to know that the 'Angela Chase' look is back in a big way this season and I'm already salivating over some of the gorgeous checkered styles I couldn't wear the first time around because I was too much of a chubby teen!

My favourite checkered item available online at the moment is this gorgeous checkered shirt dress by Fred Perry. It just looks like an over-sized shirt borrowed from the gorgeous Jordan Catalano belted around the middle. You can pick it up at ASOS for £79.25 and is one of those pieces you'll be comfortable wearing time and time again.

If you want to go a bit more flirty and feminine you can't go wrong with this oh-so Angela purple check dress from Dorothy Perkins. It only costs £35.00 and is great for recreating a summery school girl look. It's something you could easily pair with leggings, use as a pinafore dress or wear over a pair of jeans making it muchos versatile.

If you're going to go for a straightforward check shirt make sure it's a really good cut so you can wear it from years to come. I love this one by Wrangler which is currently on sale at Oli for £45.00. For the borrowed-from-my-boyfriend look buy it three sizes too big and wear it baggy or tie it around the middle for shape when you want it.

For full on so-called closet chic you need to finish your look with a pair of Doc Martens, a messenger style school bag and some kind of accessory with the peace sign on it (which Angela would have borrowed from Rayanne Graff more than likely!). When it gets cold cover your shoulders with a faded denim jacket for that left-over-80s look the characters seemed to love so much and you'll look like you've just stepped out of the show!

BONUS ACCESSORY: There was an episode where Angela dressed up for Halloween in some kooky 1950s glasses. If you're into freaky chic they'll be just up your alley and are available at low, low prices from most costume shops!


Carlotta said...

i want that dress it's very prettyy & those glasses too so cool!!

Elizabeth Marie said...

I really love how the woven plaid shirts are back! And the dress is adorable!

Dream Sequins said...

Love the Fred Perry dress and the kick-a@@ boots! I'm totally into it.

The Cottage Cheese said...

I'll take the flirty purple check dress please! Great collage, I love this look! How cute was Jared Leto?

Fashion Personality said...

I love that checker dress... very pretty!

Jen said...

I love the second dress, but the link doesn't work :(

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